Looking Up For Inspiration One Stair At A Time

After a 4-week hiatus, I was reunited with my favorite outdoor workout this week, the Santa Monica stairs. I began my climb journey around March of 2013 and have enjoyed mostly every step of the way. Of course, this type of exercise can bring ruthless pain and burning to the legs and calves along with regret. In those moments, I pray and keep pushing and in the end, I LOVE IT! The 189 step staircase near 4th street is where I start my conquest. I prefer this staircase over the other near 7th street because it’s less crowded and more adventurous to me. My routine typically consists of 2 sets of the concrete stairs, 1 set of the wooden stairs and a final set back where I started. In honesty, this is a short workout for me, around 25 minutes but it gives me so much more than cardio and sexy legs.

This upward climb is symbolic of my constant yearning to reach higher and higher in life. When the climb gets tough, this is my opportunity to thank my Creator for all I have and for the ability to make the climb at all. To then catch my breath and take in beautiful scenic views of the ocean, mountains, and luxury homes is a blessing and aspirational to say the least.

As the therapeutic outdoor workout comes to a close, I look forward to rewarding myself to my liquid heaven, Pressed Juicery in Brentwood. Shout-out to Nikki, Jackie, Skyler and the great team over there who provide excellent customer service.

To anyone who is a SM Stairs fan or wants to try it out, reply to this post. Maybe you can push me to do 6. My best is 5 and that’s probably because I’m rushing to get a Strawberry Apple Lime juice.