It’s July in Miami and we’re back at Fontainebleau for National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers (NAMAD) annual membership meeting. If you’ve attended an industry conference before you know to typically expect lots of seminars, a renowned keynote speaker, and maybe a cocktail party with a band but that’s not NAMAD. First and foremost, the atmosphere feels like a family gathering because you’re around peers who are in purpose to strengthen the entire group. Plus, NAMAD gives you the opportunity to dialogue with automotive manufacturer key executives, receive best marketing practices from tech giant’s like Facebook and music mogal’s such as Kevin Liles, and sharpen your consciousness with one of my favorite award-winning journalists Soledad O’Brien. Did I mention cruising on a mega yacht and partying with Lil Jon at LIV? In the midst of all the excitement, I chose to show up with a video camera, very focused, to document a story that is undertold.

NAMAD has a powerful initiative to identify and develop the next generation of minority automobile dealers. While attending the conference, I took the opportunity to ask first generation automobile dealers how they’re preparing the second generation to take the driver’s seat. In my interview with Miami Dealer Jay Rivchin, he shared, “NAMAD NextGen was formed about three years ago due to a lot of concerns from our dealer body as well as the OEM (manufacturer).” With the minority dealer body being an average age of 65, it’s imperative that a succesorship plan be in place in order to take business to the next level through the appointment of new dealerships. Three years strong, NAMAD NextGen members are the next wave of dealers that will carry on the legacy.

In this video, you’ll meet some of these young leaders already making major moves in the auto industry and in their local communities. To find a NAMAD dealer or NextGen on-the-rise dealer in your area go to